Lil Wayne Thought About Killing Himself While He Was In Jail


(AllHipHop News) Rapper Lil Wayne contemplated suicide during his eight-month stint at Rikers Island prison in New York in 2010.

The star has detailed his darkest days in his new book “Gone ‘Til November,” which features the journals he wrote behind bars while serving a gun possession sentence, revealing he almost ended his life.

He also details his depression in a rap featured on Solange Knowles’ new tune “Mad.”

In his book, he writes about one day he spent sleeping in his cell:

“I ended up thinking about all types of s##t. One thing that stood out was how I’ve never been this close to suicide before. It’s truly a new reality for me.

“I was actually there when this kid that was in mental isolation tried to hang up. What’s really f##ked up is that it all could’ve been prevented if the (correctional officers) would’ve just brought him some water.

“Nobody really attends to him because they are used to them banging on their cells all the time yelling s##t… And being that they’re so used to them banging, they didn’t pay him any mind and by the time they got back there, he was trying to kill himself.

“And because I was in jail, I was like, ‘Damn, that n##ga is crazy… Oh well, what are we eating tonight?’ Jail desensitizes a lot of things. The reality in here is so harsh. I will never understand how anyone could think that this s##t is cool.”