Lil Wayne Says Tyler, The Creator Once Blamed Him For Nasty Skateboard Accident 

Lil Wayne Tyler, The Creator

Tyler, The Creator placed the blame on Lil Wayne after he ended up in hospital after attempting a difficult skateboard trick.

Lil Wayne recently revealed Tyler, The Creator was once hauled off to hospital after a skateboarding accident that he blamed on the Young Money Entertainment founder. 

During a recent episode of The Tony Hawk and Jason Ellis podcast, HawkVsWolf, the skateboard fanatic recalled the time Tyler sent him a picture of himself from a hospital bed.  

“He was in a hospital bed with tubes,” Lil Wayne said of the image. Tyler, The Creator sent him the pic alongside the message, “Man, messing with you.” 

Lil Wayne immediately assumed Tyler had been the victim of a shooting, but he was wrong. The CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST album creator injured himself attempting a skateboarding trick. “He sent me the clip after. It’s a clip of him trying to drop in,” Weezy explained. “He dropped in and ate s###.” 

He described the video and revealed Tyler’s injuries were quite serious. Lil Wayne told him at the time, “Man I’m glad that you’re OK that you’re the one that’s texting me.”

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Elsewhere during the podcast, Lil Wayne revealed the “organic” reason he loves skateboarding so much. He likened the sport to meditation, explaining that the focus required to avoid injury means he can’t think about anything else.  

“It’s simple,” he told the hosts. “You can’t put your feet on four wheels on some wood and start kicking and start thinking about nothing else except what’s in front of you and on the side of you.”