Lil Wayne Wants To Know How Birdman Spent $70 Million In Advances In New Filing


(AllHipHop News) Lil Wayne claims Bryan “Birdman” Williams blew almost 70% of a $100 million advance meant to fund their Young Money/Cash Money venture.

Lil Wayne formed Young Money in 2003 with a controlling 49% interest in the venture, while the other 51% is owned by Cash Money Records.

Wayne’s $51 million lawsuit against the label claims he was shorted almost $10 million in advances, while getting stiffed on receiving royalties for Young Money acts like Drake and Nicki Minaj.

In the latest filings, Lil Wayne claims Birdman managed to spend $70 million of the advance, on paying royalties,  marketing costs and recording expenses.

Lil Wayne’s legal team wants a closer look at Cash Money’s books, to try and get a handle on how Birdman managed to spend so much money.

It’s apparent that Wayne’s constant legal battles with Cash Money over his royalties and advances has started wearing on the rap star.

According to the lawsuit, Wayne has fought with the label over advances and obligations since 2005.

Furthermore, Wayne claims he’s never received an accounting for how much money superstar rapper Drake has made for the labels.

Lil Wayne recently enlisted the help of Rap-A-Lot CEO James Prince, who vowed to recoup “all money owed to him and my son [James Prince Jr. off the Drake albums.”

As for Birdman, his legal team claims they’ve already handed Wayne and his lawyers over 22,000 documents related to the lawsuit.