Math Hoffa Tells Charleston White To Lawyer Up For Threatening To Sexually Assault His Daughters 

Math Hoffa Charleston White

Math Hoffa advised Charleston White to “Call your lawyer” after the YouTuber made disgusting threats against Hoffa’s young daughters.

Math Hoffa has warned Charleston White to seek legal advice after the YouTuber threatened to rape the My Expert Opinion host’s young daughters.  

Math Hoffa is the latest in a long line of rap acts to get into it with the polarizing figure known for his controversial takes on Hip Hop culture. The back-and-forth began after Math mentioned him during an episode of his podcast and Charleston White lashed out.  

However, he dragged Math’s family into the dispute, threatening to sexually assault them in a vile rant. Math Hoffa was understandably upset and issued several responses, blasting Charleston White over his remarks.  

“Y’all see this s###? Y’all see this clown?” Math Hoffa said in a video shared on Instagram earlier this week. “Last night, I told this n####, ‘F### your life.’ And today, this n#### got online and tooted it. Tooted it up in the air. We gon’ help you get outta here, homie. We gon’ help your pedophile ass get out of here, homie.”  

He added that White was attempting to cover up that he “tried to threaten my six or seven-year-old daughters. Threatened to rape them. Online.” 

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In another video uploaded on Tuesday (Mar. 7), Math Hoffa warned, “We’re on a countdown to the end of a cancer,” and urged Charleston White to seek legal advice.  

“Just saw Charlestown video, Bruh this is not good,” Math penned in the caption. “Call your lawyer, and start making some payments my boy. They coming.” 

“Say what you want about me, that s### don’t bother me,” he stated in the video. “But you play with my f###### kids, you out of here.” 

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