Midnight Madness Part 2: Battle Rap Community Plans Secretive Underground Fight Club

The collective behind Midnight Madness has confirmed further details about the exciting new battle rap concept, including the first card.

This is Part 2 of “Midnight Madness: Battle Rap Community Plans Secretive Underground Fight Club.” Make sure you check out Part 1 here.  You can also vote for the best of battle rap in 2021 here.

Midnight Madness now has an official social media presence where all updates are shared. They confirm their status as “a private battle rap show case,” and their mission to “reinvigorate the competitive spirit with judged battles and winner takes all stipulation.” Furthermore, they reiterate, “this is not a league,” battles are funded by sponsors and only the winner gets paid. 

They also clarified the edibility requirements for their cards. Battle rappers must have “over 7 catalogued YouTube battles.” Midnight Madness battles will be judged by 5 onsite battlers or media personalities. Each round has a 2:45 minutes time limit, capped at 3 minutes.  

The Midnight Madness Rules


Additionally, the rules for betting and wagers are clearly outlined.  


Midnight Madness Squads 

The teams, all captained by a top-tier battle rapper, are composed of some of the most talented lyricists and performers available and will compete for titles, plaques, and varsity jackets.  Some have been confirmed while others continue to be formed. Here’s what we know so far.

Island Gang

The entire Midnight Madness concept began with one battle, Island Gang’s Yoshi G vs. Gun Titles Pristavia. Verb had already begun assembling his island warriors before MM was a thing. He comes with a crew that includes Di Da Hennyman, Snake Eyez, and Barz Major alongside First Lady of the Island, Yoshi G. Henny did not come to play and immediately dropped a diss track before most of his competition had even picked a team. He left no doubt as to the targets of his wrath titling the track, “HennyMan Disses EVERYBODY “Trapper’s Island” (‼‼SHOTS FIRED‼‼).” 

UPDATE: moments before going to press, Yoshi G withdrew from the Pristavia battle after Aye Verb spent the day airing his grievances surrounding the organization.

Gun Titles

Tsu Surf is already a member of one of the most formidable groups in battle rap, Gun Titles. Relative newcomer Pristavia joins the elite squad of Surf, Tay Roc, and Chess though they are not all confirmed Midnight Madness players. So significant is Pristavia’s impact that Joe Budden and Tsunami talked about her during a recent episode of his podcast. 

Gutta City

Eazy The Block Captain has branched off from his Guntitles brethren and is curating his own team, Gutta City. He took to Instagram to confirm: “I need 8 got 5 already………we lit.” Surf responded, “CATCH YOU IN THE TRENCHES!! ITS UP. 😡” The competition between the two teams looks set to be intense!  


Every Fuccin Bar

Likewise, two-time Champion of the Year Geechi Gotti can bring his EFB players to the club. Every Fuccin Bar is stacked with heavy punchers in the form of Rum Nitty, B. Magic, JC, Ave, Ms. Hustle, Riggz, and Real Name Brandon alongside Gotti. As an owner of The Riot battle league, Gotti could also draw from there to add to his pack.  

Ball Game

Hitman Holla revealed Ball Game would include his Wild N’ Out fellow cast member, Charlie Clips. John John Da Don’s selection was unsurprising as the two have a long-time association. A. Ward’s addition to the team was less anticipated and ensures “Ball Game” has one of the best rebuttalers in the game on side. He is looking for a female addition, however…  

“Jus got off the phone !! My starting 5, Charlie Clips, Award, JJDD, HitMan Holla Before I pick my 5th do it have to be female battle rapper?” wrote Hitman. 

A. Ward looks set to face Gun Titles own Chess after Surf and Hitman placed a friendly $10,000 wager on the clash.  

“Tsu Surf & Hitman Holla agree to bet $10,000 on a Chess vs A.Ward Battle on #MidnightMadness 🤯@Tsu_Surf @HitmanHolla @Iam_AWard” 

God Tier Alliance

Shooney Da Rapper assembled a veteran all-women’s crew with the working title of The Ratchets, adding 40 BARRS, Phara Funeral, Chayna Ashley to her roster. However, all that pen power and experience proved insufficient for the ladies! The addition of Hollow Da Don, COTY Chilla Jones, and MarvWon makes God Tier Alliance one of the most expert teams in Midnight Madness. We may see one of the GTA players in action soon as Bill Collector has already called out Queen 40! 

Midnight Madness moves fast… GTA’s Hollow Da Don may already have his first opponent lined up! He and DNA have been firing shots at each other for months and had a near faceoff on IG Live in October.  

DNA, however, wants to remain independent. He shared an image of Marvel’s “The Punisher” motif with the caption, “This is my Team.” If fans were waiting for subsequent names to be added to The Punisher’s squad, then they were left disappointed. DNA confirmed he is to remain a lone wolf telling one commenter, “N#### that means I am no team it’s just me.” 

The Cheat Code

Bill Collector was initially tight-lipped about his Midnight Madness squad and only shared one announcement. His first addition to The Cheat Code was another talented and unorthodox lyricist, Sheed Happens. However, Bill revealed that he will rotate players from his Loud Boys roster, plus his Gates of the Garden squad. Rappers like Dre Dennis, Xcel, NXT, Dev the Demon, Frak, and the Reach God himself, Dot will all battle under The Cheat Code banner.  


Life Like

Shotgun Suge is yet to announce who will be joining him on the Life Like team. However, he brings enough smoke regardless, taking shots and half the battle rap community on his “Midnight Madness” diss track released at midnight on Sunday (Jan. 2).  

He wasted no time and delivered the follow-up, “Midnight Madness 2” a day later.  

Team Landslide

Calicoe’s Team Landslide has a gritty edge to it with the inclusion of Jakkboy Maine, First Lady Flamez, Ill Will, Qleen Paper, and fresh talent Eliza Versa. Cal’s “WWF” diss song is one of the most popular ever and it looks as though he could be cooking up something new for Midnight Madness.   

The First Midnight Madness Event

The battles for the first card have been fixed, though the date, while unconfirmed, is rumored to be Friday, January 28.  

Moments before going to press, an announcement was made that left Island Gang’s Midnight Madness place in doubt. Yoshi G, one half of the main event withdrew from the battle after Aye Verb became disgruntled with the way the venture was progressing. He tagged Surf writing, “you changed the rules!! and u lying !! Yo foot soldiers crossed the lines ! P### sass 100???? Mannnnnnn STOPPPPPPPP.”

“U wasting yo breath find replacements and gone bout ur business,” wrote Yoshi.


Midnight Madness Breaking News!

However, Midnight Madness has too many moving parts and willing players for a cancelled main event to put a dampner on the proceedings. Team GTA stepped up immediately and offered Pristavia a choice between veteran Shooney and new rising star Eliza Versa.

Any battlers wanting to be a part of the fast-paced venture will have to get it together asap. The final Midnight Madness teams will be announced on Friday (Jan. 7).  

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