Nelly Sends Social Media Into Frenzy After Explicit Video Gets Posted Online


An explicit video of Nelly was posted on his Instagram Stories, which led to the diamond-selling rapper becoming a trending topic on Twitter.

Nelly was trending for the wrong reasons after an explicit video of him surfaced online.

Footage of the veteran rapper getting pleasured was uploaded to his Instagram Stories on Tuesday (February 8). The uncensored video had social media buzzing as “Damn Nelly” trended on Twitter.

Nelly issued an apology via TMZ after the clip spread online. He didn’t mention if he accidentally posted the video, but his team suggested he may have been hacked.

“I sincerely apologize to the young lady and her family,” Nelly told TMZ. “This is unwanted publicity for her/them. This was an old video that was private and never meant to go public.”

Barstool Sports podcaster Kevin Clancy believes Nelly learned about the explicit footage going public during an interview on KFC Radio. Clancy posted a clip of the diamond-selling artist reacting to something on his phone in the middle of their conversation.

“Deadass I think this is the exact moment on @KFCradio that Nelly realized he posted his sex tape to his Instagram,” Clancy wrote. “’ohhh god.’”

Clancy was just one of the many Twitter users commenting on the shocking footage. Stunned reactions and jokes flooded social media as the Nelly clip gained attention.

Check out some of the chatter below.