NLE Choppa Gives Lil Wayne His Literal Flowers At Video Shoot For New Collab 

NLE Choppa Lil Wayne

NLE Choppa and Lil Wayne have a new single coming, and the Memphis rapper wanted to show the Young Money honcho his appreciation.

Longtime Lil Wayne fan NLE Choppa has finally got his wish to collaborate with the artist he’s been a fan of since childhood. 

After linking with the Hip-Hop legend, NLE made sure to give Lil Wayne his flowers. However, rather than just praising the star and thanking him for his contributions to music, the Memphis native opted to gift Weezy with a tangible tribute in the form of a beautiful bouquet of red roses. 

The “Shotta Flow” hitmaker took to Instagram on Tuesday (Feb. 14) sharing a video of him offering his tribute. NLE Choppa also gave Lil Wayne a note, telling him “how much you inspire me and impacted my life.” 

In the note, NLE Choppa explained the flowers symbolize his appreciation for Lil Wayne “as an artist, icon and more importantly an inspiration.” He prayed that they go on to share a “big brother, lil brother relationship,” before thanking Wayne for changing his life.  

In addition to the roses, the recent convert also presented the avid skateboarder with a skateboard. 

Meanwhile, Lil Wayne returned the appreciation, graciously accepting the gifts with a warm smile before returning the love. “Be like this guy,” he said into the camera recording the moment.  

“He’s a good guy, man, for real. I do this a lot. This doesn’t happen, he’s a great guy,” he added as he embraced the young rapper once again. Scroll to the end to check out the video below.

NLE also took to his Instagram stories to tease his new collab with Lil Wayne.  

A video captured Lil Wayne wearing the viral red MSCHF boots during the video shoot.  

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Back in 2019, a 16-year-old NLE Choppa revealed that Lil Wayne’s debut album Tha Block Is Hot, inspired his “Blocc Is Hot“ single. 

“It was really a tribute to Lil Wayne. I grew up listening to Wayne a lot,” he explained to Billboard. “It would really be an honor if we could get him on the remix… I think he would be really hard to get, but anything is possible.”