Plies Trolls Donald Trump Following Arrest: “I Will Be Referring To Him As Inmate P0113580” 

Plies Donald Trump

Plies said he will no longer refer to former president Donald Trump by name, opting instead to use his prison number.

Plies is having a field day following Donald Trump’s arrest, trolling the former president and his 18 co-defendants in a social media frenzy.  

On Thursday (August 24), shortly before Trump’s arrest, Plies joked that he was headed to Atlanta to take the mugshot.  

“I’m finna take this mugshot today,” he said in a video while laughing hysterically.  

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Once the actual image surfaced online, he changed his social media profile pictures to the mugshot. Plies also shared the photo while continuing to troll Donald Trump.  

“The Look U Give When U Been Yelling ‘Lock Her Up’ & ‘The Biden Crime Family’ .. But U The B*tch That’s Really The Criminal!!!!” he wrote alongside the photo. “U Can Fool Everybody But God!!!!” 

He followed up with mugshots of some of the other defendants. “Look At These Crooks!!!!!!,” he wrote. “A Great Day In America! Get These Thugz Off The Streetz!!!!!” 

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The “I Got Motion” hitmaker also joked that he’s going to adopt the former commander in chief’s prison number in place of his actual name.  

“I Will Not Be Referring To Donald J Trump By His Name Anymore,” Plies declared. “From Here On Out I Will Be Referring To Him As ‘Inmate P01135809.’” 

Earlier this week, Plies questioned how Trump was still eligible to run for office while facing multiple RICO counts and charges over four indictments. According to Plies, if a regular citizen faced those charges, they couldn’t get a job flipping burgers.  

He echoed the sentiment on Thursday when videos of Trump traveling to Fulton County Jail alongside a motorcade of black S.U.V.s preceded by more than a dozen police motorcycles. 

“Bruh Don’t Deserve All This He’s A Regular Citizen Now!!” Plies wrote. “All This On Taxpayers Dollars!! This Ain’t The Easter Parade He’s Been Indicted!!”