Police Probe Possible Links Between Sexyy Red, Syko Bob Shootings; Another South Florida Rapper Shot

Sexyy Red

South Florida is dealing with a surge in violence and police are trying to determine if it’s connected to rap artists in the area.

South Florida is currently grappling with a surge in violence that seems intricately linked to the local rap scene after separate shootings killed a man near a Sexyy Red video shoot, another that killed Syko Bob’s mom, and a fatal shooting involving an unidentified local rapper.

The area witnessed a series of shootings in just two days, with local rap artists being a common factor in these tragic events.

Authorities are now meticulously investigating to unearth any potential connections between these distressing incidents that have left the communities in shock and mourning.

The recent wave of violence includes a shooting near the Oakland Park Flea Market, where rapper Sexyy Red was filming a music video.

A sudden eruption of gunfire at a nearby gas station led to one individual losing his life and another severely injured, necessitating immediate hospitalization.

Sexyy Red, who was present at the video shoot, vehemently denied any connection between the shooting and her video through a series of Instagram stories.

Sexyy Red emphasized that the incident occurred across the street from her set and urged people not to manipulate the narrative surrounding the event. Despite her clarifications, detectives are not ruling out potential links between the video shoot and the tragic shooting.

Adding to the grim series of events, Dorothy Smart, the mother of rapper Syko Bob, became a victim during the wave of violence. She was brutally ambushed and killed in her driveway in Fort Lauderdale, a scene that bore the marks of a targeted attack.

The current circumstances have brought Syko Bob, who is serving a prison sentence for weapons possession charges, back into the limelight.

A parallel incident in Miami Gardens mirrored the violent patterns observed in the other cases.

Witnesses recounted a scene where two assailants ambushed and killed a man, who is believed to be another local rap artist after he picked up food at a local shopping center.

Police have yet to release the victim’s identity as of press time.