R. Kelly Trial Starts … His Relationship With Aaliyah Jumps Off The Trial

aaliyah and R. Kelly

Could new evidence be presented about the illegal marriage between the two R&B singers be a damning lynchpin in this highly anticipated case?

Court documents reveal that R. Kelly’s relationship with Aaliyah Haughton will be included in his upcoming trial.

The accused pedophile will begin his federal trial today, after years of being pushed back and delayed. The prosecution has packaged his “alleged” crimes as an enterprise, where a corporate effort (led by him and assisted by many) to undermine the liberties of young women, recruit them, exploit their labor, and much more.

The case will be held in Brooklyn, NY.

R. Kelly
R. Kelly

Maria Cruz Melendez, an assistant U.S. attorney said that “This case is about a predator.”

According to the New York Times, as she detailed how he has recruited and exploited at minimal six females (ranging from mid-teens to adulthood), she will also bring to light the deception that he underwent to marry the young singer and protégé, Aaliyah when she was 15.

The timeline that will be presented dates back to 1992, when he released his debut album, Born into the ’90s.His first single, “She’s Got That Vibe,” talks about sexy girls with an attractive vibe. One adlib says, “Little cute Aaliyah’s got it.” 

Listen Here at 3:34.

Two years later, when his mentee and artist (whose name happens to be a young, small-framed, cute, and vibey 15-year-old girl named Aaliyah) released her debut album on May 24, 1994, and the title of it was called Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number. At the time, Kelly was 27 years old and actually married the minor three months later. He (and other paid associates around him) created an illegal birth certificate to receive a marriage license stating that the young lady was 18. The license stated they were married on August 30, 1994.

R. Kelly and Aaliyah’s marriage certificate, seen here in an image , was issued by Cook County, Ill., in 1994.

Once Aaliyah’s family found out about the marriage, it was annulled. Also, that was when her ties with him began to be severed. Six years later, the “Come Over” singer was killed in a tragic plane crash after leaving a video shoot in August 2001.  

The other five women listed in the account are Stephanie, Sonia, Jerhonda, Zell, and Faith. The women range between 16 and 22. Only two of them appeared in the series, Surviving R. Kelly.

Kelly faces 10 years to life if convicted.