R. Kelly Survivor Says He Pushed Her Down The Stairs After Discovering Aaliyah Sex Tape 

R. Kelly

In the first part of the docuseries, Ebonié Doyle says he attacked her after she discovered a sex tape featuring Aaliyah.

More allegations against R. Kelly have emerged as part of the final part of the docuseries Surviving R. Kelly: The Final Chapter

The first part of the series aired on Monday evening (Jan. 2) on Lifetime, with the second installment arriving on Jan 3. The series follows the recent trials and the aftermath of the disgraced singer’s 30-year prison sentence for sex trafficking.  

One survivor recalled a harrowing incident where R. Kelly assaulted her after she discovered a sex tape featuring Aaliyah.  

“I was 16 years old when I met Rob in 1993,” Ebonié Doyle shared, as per Rolling Stone. “My friends and I went to a show, and he was there with other artists, and I just remember his voice was just amazing. After the show, my girlfriend and I were waiting outside, we were ready to go to our cars, and a limousine pulls up.” 

According to Doyle, the pair became close after a hotel room encounter, following which R. Kelly would wait for her outside her high school. She moved in with him after her mother kicked her out for dating the star, but he became “really controlling,” especially with “certain things sexually he liked his way.”

R. Kelly Loses It Over Aaliyah Sex Tape

Doyle described discovering a sex tape featuring R. Kelly with Aaliyah, despite his previous denials about the singer.  

“That’s when I discovered that he’d been lying to me about Aaliyah,” Doyle explained.

“The tape that I put in was of him and Aaliyah together. What I saw on that tape was he and Aaliyah being intimate. They were on the tour bus, and everything that I had asked him was confirmed on the tape.” 

However, she says R. Kelly caught her watching the tape, and they began arguing before he pushed her down a flight of stairs.  

“That shake sent me down flights of stairs, and I just laid there. I just froze. That was the moment where I realized [how] to pick and choose my battles,” Doyle said. “Like, I loved him … I love [Kelly]. He’s still important to me. And so, he’s not some horrible man to me. And I don’t want people to think that.”  

R. Kelly recently gave an interview from federal prison, stating he wanted his “voice to be heard” ahead of the docuseries. As reported by AllHipHop.com, Kelly denied his finance Joycelyn Savage had his baby and spoke on a new album that appeared recently on streaming platforms.