Remy Ma Was Complimenting Doja Cat By Saying She’s Not A Rapper 

Remy Ma is over talking about Doja Cat, saying: “Don’t even bring her up,” when asked about her in a recent interview.

Remy Ma found herself on the receiving end of some fierce internet backlash when she said she doesn’t classify Doja Cat as a rapper during a recent appearance on Drink Champs.  

However, the Bronx native says her comments were taken out of context, and she was actually paying Doja a compliment. Remy Ma clarified her remarks during an interview with Black Compass Media while discussing her plans to create opportunities for female rappers with her new battle rap league Chrome 23.  

When Remy revealed she’s already working on “a couple of prospects” from the industry, host Tone Bro quipped, “You tryna line up Doja Cat?”  

However, it got a little awkward for the hosts who tried to change the subject after Remy Ma responded, “Don’t even bring her up. I thought I was giving [her] a compliment,” she added, referring to her past remarks. “Her whole entourage or fan base came for my life. I was like, ‘I thought I said something good!’” Check out the conversation below. 

While Remy Ma also called her “dope,” she’s not alone in questioning how to categorize the Grammy-award-winning artist. Nonetheless, Doja Cat has always considered herself a Hip-Hop kid at heart, and recently revealed her upcoming album will be rap-centered.  

Remy Ma Presents “Ladies & Gentlemen”

Meanwhile, Remy Ma continues her journey as a battle rap league owner with her second event later this month in New York. It’s guy vs. girl on Ladies & Gentlemen, her first intergender event following the success of her inaugural all-female card in February. There is one exception, as former two on two partners and friends, Ms. Hustle and Viixen the Assassin go head-to-head on Friday night (Jun. 10). Take in the glamorous trailer featuring Remy Ma below. 

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The remainder of Saturday’s match-ups are as follows: 

Gattas vs. Rum Nitty 

O’fficial vs. Ave 

Pristavia vs. J2 

Then On Saturday, Remy Ma will put some of the rising stars of female battle rap through their paces on the One Shot card.  

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