Remy Ma Reveals Plans To Bring Industry Artists To Battle Rap

Remy Ma has revealed the latest developments surrounding her league, “Chrome 23” and said her female rapper friends want to battle!

Remy Ma caused a rush of excitement today (Jan. 21) with a tweet that had battle rap fans in a frenzy! That was followed by an intense discussion where she hinted at exciting developments for her new battle rap league.  

She tagged New Jersey rapper and battle rapper Tsu Surf with an interesting proposition. “I was booking my flight to pop out for Midnight Madness on the 28th and it hit me…I need that @_YoshiG and @PristaviaD battle on the Queens Get The Money card #RemyCard.” 

Pristavia Vs. Yoshi G

The “All The Way Up” hitmaker referenced one of the most anticipated clashes of the year so far, rising star Pristavia vs. the more established wordsmith, Yoshi G. The battle created so much energy that it spawned an entire movement which in turn led to the creation of Midnight Madness. The battle rap community came together organically with every level of battle rapper, from the top tiers to the rookies getting on board. Fans and media also played their part, and soon the exclusive underground fight club of battle rap was born, with Yoshi and Pristavia set to headline the first event.  

All the planning played out in the Twitter Spaces, with the likes of Lloyd Banks and Don Q joining the conversation. Remy Ma began her career as a battle rapper and is now a new league owner. She recently established the all-female Chrome 23 battle rap league and announced plans for her upcoming first event, “Queens get the Money” in February.  

Remy Ma decided the Mignight Madness main event was so fire, she needed it on her card, which she promised would be: “the sexiest rap battle you’ve ever been to in your life.” 

Remy Ma On The Importance Of Branding

Tsu Surf hosted a Twitter Spaces talk this evening when Remy Ma pulled up and spent over an hour answering questions from battlers and fans. One thing’s for sure, Remy Ma knows her stuff! She dropped gems throughout the discussion, giving her take on what battlers need to elevate their brands and their bags! She understands “there’s nothing worse than being famous and broke,” something battle rappers are only too aware of. Many of the best spitters gained massive notoriety before their pay equals the level of their fame. The ones that make successful careers for themselves have mastered the mechanics of branding and marketing, which Remy demonstrated clear knowledge of.   

Remy spoke passionately about her plans for Chrome 23, demonstrating how invested in the culture she is, and a clear understanding of what it takes to succeed in such a venture. She moved her first event from the initial date of Feb. 12 because it clashed with Super Bowl Weekend. All-Star weekend is the following week, so Remy Ma rescheduled her card to Feb. 27 to maximize the media attention for her battlers. Fans were pleased to hear that the event will be live-streamed for free.  

Female Industry Artists Are Coming To Battle Rap

Additionally, she was forced to scale back the crowd due to the surge in COVID cases. Now, around 300 of the brightest talents in battle rap along with media and industry media will be in attendance. Remy Ma confirmed some of her celebrity friends will also be in the building. Furthermore, she also teased an exciting prospect for the culture. Not only do her female industry peers want in on a card, but they’re also so down to battle, they’ll do it for free!   

Could We See Remy Ma vs. Tsu Surf?

While answering questions from fans, Remy Ma admitted she would battle Tsu Surf if she ever stepped back in the ring. “I wanna gun down a big dog,” she said, explaining why she chose the “Nana Crib” rapper. She said she wants to face “a top tier who talks as much s### as me,” teasing a battle that would shift the culture. 

Chrome 23 plans to hold four events per year, in February, March, August, and November, and plans are already underway for the first two. She dismissed any notion that her involvement in female battle rap dismisses the hard work others have put in before her. Remy said she has spoken to Debo and Baby Bunny, bosses at premiere women’s battle rap league Queen of the Ring, and regularly speaks to others in the community for advice and support.

Ultimately, Remy Ma wants to help further the culture and help the women make successful careers out of their talent. She wants to develop the type of girl she was when she met Big Pun on her way home from school. Being an artist herself, she also understands the difficulties women face as performers. She can relate to struggles with organizing hair and make-up, to managing childcare issues.  

Listen to the clip from OTFMZ where Remy tells the women how to get what they deserve.