Lloyd Banks, Don Q & Cassidy Weigh In On Midnight Madness

Midnight Madness is yet to have its first event but is generating huge interest with Lloyd Banks, Don Q, and Cassidy all wanting to know more.

Battle Rap has been a hot topic all week following the creation of an innovative new battle rap showcase, Midnight Madness. Fans of the culture have been congregating in Twitter Spaces in their thousands to discuss the latest happenings.  

On Wednesday (Jan. 5) Lloyd Banks and Don Q, battlers in their own right, joined one such conversation, hosted by New Jersey rapper Tsu Surf. The industry artists got into an in-depth discussion, debating a wide range of subjects.

Lloyd Banks & Don Q Talk Battle Rap

When the talk turned to battle rappers making music, Banks teased Surf fans with the possibility of a joint track. While Surf was tight-lipped on the topic, Banks hinted, “wait till they hear what we got.”  

Don Q was keen to know what the excitement was surrounding Midnight Madness. After hearing the ins and outs of the exclusive battle rap enterprise, Don expressed an interest in getting involved. “Oh, hell yeah I’m with that,” he replied when asked whether he would put money on a battle. “I’m with betting or judging, either or,” he said.  

Cassidy & Tsu Surf Clash Over Ultimate Madness

Elsewhere earlier in the day, Tsu Surf got into it with Cassidy after the Philly icon entered the Midnight Madness conversation. Cassidy was co-hosting a Twitter Spaces chat trying to obtain more information about it when word got back to Tsu Surf that Cass was being less than positive about the whole concept.  

Cassidy – who recently had a very high-profile battle with Hitman Holla – then explained that as “the energy,” he should be included in the creation of Midnight Madness. He also felt the collective was moving hastily and claimed the whole thing was “too premature.”  

Tsu Surf was frustrated by Cassidy’s statements and felt he was misusing his platform, influencing his large following against the venture without knowing the facts. “This is the third day in the row y’all gone let some random muthafucka that ain’t even got s### to do with this, come in here and give his opinion about how y’all running or how y’all doing something that’s already done,” he ranted. “If he don’t want to be in, or don’t want to f### with it, move the f### along!’ 

Surf continued and while he called Cassidy a G.O.A.T and said he meant no disrespect, he also said he is “ass.” Cassidy attempted to placate Tsunami, “Yo, you got to relax,” he said before realizing Surf had already left the chat. “N##### in here vibing out, he come in here all aggressive and hostile,” said the “I’m A Hustla” hitmaker. “He talking ‘bout I’m a co-host…because I’m the f###### energy bro, n##### gotta run s### past me, why wouldn’t you?” 

Could We See A Midnight Madness Battle Between The Two Heavyweights?

However, Cassidy put forward a notion that could lead to his next top-tier battle. He suggested a Midnight Madness clash between himself and Tsu Surf. “He might be the n#### that could gather up enough [money] to beat me,” he said. “If it’s gone be authentic,” he added, noting that the terms and conditions would need to be agreeable.  

Also, be on the lookout for the announcement of AllHipHop’s “Battle Rap Superlatives!” We will soon be revealing the winners of the best of battle rap 2021!