Rhymefest Says Kanye West Needs “Counseling”


(AllHipHop News) Rhymefest is a rapper that has worked with Kanye West repeatedly, even helped the fellow Chi-Town rapper with his own writing for songs like “Jesus Walks” and “New Slaves.” That is until last month, when Fest’ quit being Ye’s co-writer, according to Billboard. Yesterday, after fans hit up the “Brand New” rapper on Twitter, Rhymefest explains that he made the decision to stop working with Yeezy because his “mind and spirit wasn’t right.”

Fest’ continues on with his explanation, claiming that Kanye needs to step away from the public for a while.

Although some fans believed Rhymefest’s critical concern for Kanye, some others were a bit skeptical. However, Rhymefest responded in a  humble way.

Along with Rhymefest career writing for Kanye, the rapper also had a brief career as a solo act. However, Fest’ has best worked behind the shadows of the hit songs we all know from West. Kanye has recently been in the spotlight because of his highly anticipated album The Life Of Pablo.