Roddy Ricch Talks “Late At Night” Single And Working With Lil Wayne & Birdman

Watch the Compton native take it back to the 1980s with his latest music video.

Roddy Ricch won numerous industry awards in 2020 for his #1 song “The Box” and his #1 album Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocial. The Californian returned this week with a new haircut and a new single titled “Late At Night.”

It appears Roddy Ricch is ready to launch his next music era. The Mustard-produced “Late At Night” arrived with an official music video directed by the legendary Director X.

Apple Music 1’s Zane Lowe spoke to Roddy Ricch about his latest record for the streamer’s New Music Daily. The 22-year-old Atlantic recording artist explained why he decided to release “Late At Night” at this moment.

“You know how you have those stomach feelings, and you just be feeling it? It’s time. They want me for the summer,” Roddy Ricch told Zane Lowe.

He added, “I don’t never just put out music just because. It just be more so like, people around me will be like, ‘You need to drop some music.’ It just be normal… Like I don’t really be under the pressures of the world. I kind of just let that just flow out how it be.”

As a neophyte in the rap game, Roddy Ricch is still building a résumé of collaborations with his Hip Hop idols. The New Music Daily conversation also included Ricch discussing working with Cash Money Records representatives Lil Wayne and Birdman for their “STUNNAMAN” track.

“I was in Miami. I pulled up on [Birdman], and I just… I was upstairs. We just made it. I made it. He’s like, ‘Little bruh, this is special. We’re going to have to do something with this.’ I’m like, ‘All right… Cool. It ain’t nothing,'” said Ricch. “He ends up making his call, doing what he had to do. Next thing I know, they tell me like, ‘Man, Wayne.’ I’m like, ‘Huh? Damn, Wayne and Birdman.'”

The Grammy winner continued, “I know a lot of people wonder why, but just growing up, you see them two together, that was just… It’s a no-brainer. Why wouldn’t you want to? Just to be able to be in the room or even do music with them. So the fact that I could even be on a song with them, that was one of my little check-offs.”