Roland Martin Challenges Lil Wayne To Come On His Show To Defend Trump’s Platinum Plan

“Bring your ass here with no codeine, no purple drink, and will go line-by-line.”

Lil Wayne became the latest rapper to endorse Donald Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign by claiming the president’s Platinum Plan for Black Americans is going to “give the community real ownership.” He joined other entertainers such as Lil Pump and Waka Flocka Flame as Trump supporters.

The addition of Wayne to Team Trump led to passionate reactions online. Political journalist Roland Martin did not hold back when expressing his thoughts about the Young Money head lending his celebrity to promote the Republican candidate’s Platinum Plan.

“If @LilTunechi Lil Wayne wants to get educated about Trump’s Platinum Plan, don’t go on ESPN or Fox Sports. Come on #RolandMartinUnfiltered. Pick a day, Wayne. You clearly haven’t read a damn thing in the ONE PAGE plan,” tweeted the Speak, Brother! A Black Man’s View of America author.

Martin also posted, “Let me [be] as clear as possible: Lil Wayne @LilTunechi is STUPID AF for posting this. His analysis of Trump’s Platinum Plan is stuck on stupid. I would hope these other rappers like @KillerMike, @SnoopDogg, @Tip would cuss this fool out for being a dumb ass. If I had his [number] I would!”

Additionally, the Houston native called out Lil Wayne on his Roland Martin Unfiltered program. Yesterday’s digital show had a segment that included Martin repeating his request for the Funeral album creator to appear on #RMU.

“Lil Wayne, if you want to endorse Donald Trump, go ‘head. But don’t sit and think we’re stupid by saying the Platinum Plan is gonna help Black people,” said Martin.

He added, “Bring you ass here and talk to Black people, and let’s go over it line-by-line. Here’s my challenge to you, Lil Wayne, since you sat down with Donald Trump, bring your ass here with no codeine, no purple drink, and I will go line-by-line… I want you to explain to Black people how Trump’s so-called Platinum Plan is going to help Black people.”