“She Was Violated”: Twitter Blasts YK Osiris For Kissing Sukihana Without Permission

NLE Choppa Sexxy Red Sukihana

People are saying that YK Osiris committed a crime.

YK Osiris took his shot and tried to kiss rapper Sukihana. However, it didn’t seem like the Delaware native was with it. It also didn’t seem like he cared that his was violating her.

A video from the analyst panel at Diddy’s recent Crew League event is circulating on social media. The “Pretty and Ratchet” rapper was posted up on the panel with comedians Lil Duval and Funny Marco.


In the clip, YK Osiris appears to be giving her a deep shoulder massage but then he goes for the kill, kissing her on her cheek, grabbing her face and then going in for her mouth. She noticeably squirms while he laughs.

Funny Marco and Duval look at each other in disbelief, with the Florida comedian shouting, “She wasn’t ready.” As she protests and eventually regains her breath, he grabs her and tries to kiss her again. He then walks away chuckling at what he just did. Twitter instantly erupted, suggesting a crime had been committed.

One person tweeted, “#Sukihana said help me and none of those men  (Duval or Funny Marco) tried stop that lil boy. I hope she presses charges against YK Osiris for SA. Do not touch or talk sexually to women without their consent! No and stop is a complete sentence!”

With another replying and saying, “Pressing charges is OD but a conversation needs to be had and consequences and changes need to happen.”

And one more saying, “Sis, pressing charges for sexual assault and harassment is a Right and stops abuse. I don’t condone abuse of women but if you are okay with not getting the law involved in SA then that’s on YOU!.”

“Even though I am not a fan of #sukihana, she was violated,” one Twitter user stated after a commenter talked about the rapper’s sexually driven persona.

Adding, “What upsets me the most is #lilduval  and #funnymarco just laughed. I guess her screams weren’t loud enough. Her body language wasn’t readable to them. I don’t care what she does, she didn’t deserve this s###! Period.”