Slim Thug Says Buy Cheap Clothes To Stay Rich; Rappers Look “Gay” Wearing “Gay” Fashion Designers’ Brands 

Big Slim aka Slim Thug

Slim Thug says he stands out in his cheap no-name clothes, while rappers look “gay because all the designers are gay.”

Slim Thug is giving out free advice on how to stay rich and believes the key is to buy cheap clothes. 

The Houston rapper took to Instagram on Thursday to offer his followers some pearls of wisdom. According to Slim Thug, who changed his name to Big Slim last year to reflect his stature as a businessman, rappers spend too much money on buying designer clothes.  

“Let me show y’all why I still got money and a lot of rappers went broke,” he began before whipping out tags to show he spent less than $20 for a short and shirt set.  

“I’ll be in the club with this s### on,” he explained while showing his fit to the camera. “Y’all don’t know ‘cause I got a million dollars worth of jewelery on.” 

He then went on to state rappers look “gay’ because they wear clothing from “gay” fashion designers. Sim Thug says he’s able to hold on to his coins while standing out from the crowd with his inexpensive fits.  

“Y’all be buying that designer, y’all be looking gay because all the designers are gay,” he added. “And I’m the only one be standing out. Every ten of y’all with the same Christian Dior shirt, ten of y’all the same Gucci shirt and I’ll be the one that stand out with a plain tee that cost me five dollars. Same as a Happy Meal or less.” Check out the video below. 

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Slim Thug Responds To Backlash

However, his homophobic remark about fashion designers crew criticism from some. He took to the comments section to clarify his comment, although he only doubled down on his original stance.  

“For the gay ppl who are wondering what I mean when I say “look gay, I mean when a hood dude wearing a Gucci rainbow shirt and a man purse.” wrote Slim Thug. “No offense to y’all tho 🌈🌈🌈”

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