Soulja Boy Catches Break: Judge Reconsiders $235K Awarded To Ex-Girlfriend In Civil Case

Soulja Boy

A jury awarded $235,900 to Soulja Boy’s ex-girlfriend after she sued him for a 2019 assault and kidnapping.

A California judge may void damages awarded to Soulja Boy’s ex-girlfriend in a civil dispute over a 2019 assault and kidnapping.

According to MyNewsLA, Judge Mark Epstein raised concerns about the jury lacking information in the case on Thursday (June 29). Jurors awarded $235,900 in punitive damages to Soulja Boy’s ex Kayla Myers at the trial in April.

Judge Epstein said Myers did not present evidence of Soulja Boy’s income, debt, expenses or savings at the trial. The issue will be discussed at a hearing scheduled for July 21.

“The court is concerned that, absent at least some evidence on this point, the issue should never have gone to the jury,” a judicial clerk wrote.

Myers sued Soulja Boy, whose real name is DeAndre Way, for attacking her at his Malibu home. She accused the rapper of assaulting and kidnapping her at a 2019 party.

A jury sided with Myers, awarding her damages for “physical and mental pain and suffering.” Myers also received money for mental health expenses.

“We’re pleased with the jury’s verdict,” Myers’ lawyer Max Engelhardt said. “Mr. Way assaulted and terrorized Kayla, and that was borne out by the evidence and testimony. The punitive damages were substantial, and hopefully, they will serve as a lesson to Mr. Way that his celebrity status is not a license to commit violence.”

Soulja Boy demanded a new trial. His lawyers cited jury misconduct as one of the reasons to relitigate the case.