Soulja Boy Reveals Financial Troubles In Legal Battle With Ex; Owes $1 Million To IRS

Soulja Boy

A jury awarded $235,900 in punitive damages to Soulja Boy’s ex-girlfriend in a civil trial, but a judge may reconsider the damages.

Soulja Boy explained why it will be difficult for him to pay the damages awarded to his ex-girlfriend Kayla Myers in a California civil trial.

According to Radar Online, Soulja Boy revealed his finances to convince the court to reconsider the damages in the case. The rapper admitted he is facing a $1 million tax lien.

Earlier this year, jurors awarded $235,900 in punitive damages to Myers. Soulja Boy’s ex-girlfriend sued him for abusing her at his Malibu home in 2019.

Judge Mark Epstein opened the door to reconsider the damages in June. The judge raised concerns about the jury’s decision since Myers did not present evidence of her ex-boyfriend’s finances at the trial.

Soulja Boy said he cannot pay the damages to Myers and his back taxes even if he liquidates his assets. His lawyer noted the rapper does not own any real estate. He leases a home for $25,000 per month.

The multi-platinum-selling artist’s assets include two vehicles worth $250,000 and a third one worth $100,000. He also owns $18,00 worth of jewelry and $50,000 in stock. His lawyer said the cars and jewelry are “tools of the trade” for a rapper.

Soulja Boy sought a new trial after losing to Myers in April. He asked the court to throw out the damages awarded to his ex.