Stevie J Files Paperwork Proving Faith Evans Divorce Is Nearly Final

Stevie J and Faith Evans

The divorce was starting to get as messy as Stevie J’s reality show life.

Stevie J is approaching the close of his divorce from his wife, R&B singer Faith Evans. According to Yahoo! Entertainment, the former Bad Boy producer filed a declaration of disclosure in a Los Angeles County Court.

The California Court’s state “Declaration of Disclosure” is “a statement of all material facts and information regarding valuation of all assets that are community property or in which the community has an interest (not a form).”

This is also a document that will serve as an acknowledgment that one party has submitted the financial information for the other party’s legal team to review. Experts say that is an indication that the case may soon be over. There are several things that showed the divorce was getting petty.

As AllHipHop previously reported, Evans told police her Mercedes Sprinter van was stolen by her husband. Reports say it wasn’t stolen, per se, but being used for a family trip to Coachella.

The problem is Stevie J never got “permission” from the “Love Like This Before” singer to use it. Evans alleges he snuck and got her keys and went on the trip. For Evans, the problem is also about insurance.

“The insurance policy does not cover [Stevie], and he is unauthorized to drive,” she wrote in the police report. Stevie J did return the vehicle, especially since she was demanding that he turn it over to her or give her the $164,000 she paid for it.

This isn’t the first time the world thought the couple was over. In 2021, the two went public with conversations about divorce, after their shocking nuptial.

No word on when the divorce will be complete.