Summer Walker Claps Back At Fan Suggesting She’s Pregnant With Lil Meech’s Baby

Summer Walker Lil Meech

Summer Walker addressed speculation she’s having Lil Meech’s baby weeks after a woman claimed she was pregnant with the actor’s child.

Less than two weeks after her man blasted claims he got his side-piece pregnant, Summer Walker is addressing speculation she has a baby of her own on the way. 

Like millions of women worldwide, the R&B songstress recently shared a cute bathroom selfie on her Instagram Story. However, as with high-profile celebrities, the image was scrutinized, with one fan homing in on her midsection.  

“Why do your stomach look pudge,” the fan asked in response to her IG Story. “Don’t make me mad summer lol.” 

Summer Walker used a screenshot of the message to clap back at the fan while denying she is pregnant.  

“Cause I had THREE KIDS HO & no lipo lol,” she replied in a note. “Y’all need to stop asking me this.” The “White Tee” hitmaker also confirmed she and her boyfriend, Lil Meech have no plans to start a family in the near future.  

“Lil lil meech ain’t coming no time soon lol relax ,” Summer Walker continued. She also revealed her plans for hitting the road, adding, “I’m finta tour soon no time for that right now.” 

Instagram/Summer Walker

The BMF star recently shot down claims he hooked up with an Instagram model and got her pregnant. “B#### why are you lying?,’ Lil Meech replied when the woman messaged Summer Walker. “u don’t know me,” he added before warning the woman to back off.  

The singer then blasted “weird ass b####” Jess Hilarious, who claimed Summer Walker was doing “too much” by responding to the woman claiming she was pregnant with Meech’s baby.