Trey Songz Accused Of “Savage” A### Rape In $20 Million Lawsuit

Trey Songz

A woman claims Trey Songz assaulted her anally without her consent during a savage rape in 2016! Read more!

R&B singer Trey Songz is again in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Earlier today, (February 15th), Trey was hit with a $20 million lawsuit by another Jane Doe. According to the unidentified woman, she was in a consensual sexual relationship with Trey in 2016.

However, in March of 2016, Trey Songz allegedly turned into a “Savage rapist.” during an incident at a house party in Los Angeles.

According to TMZ, Trey invited the woman upstairs for some consensual sex. She claims Trey was hell-bent on having a### sex with her, a request she denied repeatedly. 

However, when they entered the bedroom, Trey Songz allegedly pinned the woman down on the ground, overpowered her, and inserted his penis into her a### without her permission.

According to the lawsuit, someone entered the room during the sexual assault, but they quickly left the room upon realizing what was happening.

The woman says she escaped from the house after Trey finished his rape. She fled the home and caught an Uber. The driver noticed the woman was in distress and took her to a hospital.

A medical exam showed “severe a### tearing that could require surgery.”

The woman claims she never told the police that Trey Songz was the aggressor because she was in shock and feared for her life.

Trey Songz claims the entire lawsuit is nothing but a money grab because the latest Jane Doe’s lawyer, Ariel Mitchell, also represents two other women suing Trey Songz for sexual assaults in Miami and New York.

In a statement to TMZ, a representative for Trey said “the timing of this lawsuit is suspect, to say the least, this suit is filed by the same plaintiff’s attorneys whose integrity was called into question earlier today.”

Trey’s representative referred to alleged evidence pointing to witness tampering related to the Miami sexual assault.

Trey claims Jane Doe’s legal defense in that case allegedly offered a witness hundreds of thousands of dollars to corroborate her claim that Trey stuck his fingers inside of her v##### during a New Year’s party at a club in Miami in 2017.