Troy Ave’s Bodyguard Laid To Rest, NYPD Treating Victim’s Family Like “Criminals”


(AllHipHop News) Troy Ave’s close friend and associate Ronald “Banga” McPhatter was laid to rest yesterday (June 4).

Funeral services for McPhatter, 30, were held at Brown Memorial Baptist Church in Brooklyn.

Hundreds of friends, former classmates, teachers and rappers, gathered to pay their final respects to McPhatter.

Ronald McPhatter was shot and killed during a violent altercation at Irving Plaza in New York, on May 25.

McPhatter was one of four people who were shot after someone pulled a gun backstage and began firing during a fistfight.

So far, Troy Avenue, who was caught on camera blasting away with a 9mm, is the only suspect in the murder.

The rapper has denied shooting and killing McPhatter and so far, police have yet to charge anyone with McPhatter’s murder.

Authorities are investigating the possibility that more than one person used the same gun during the fight.

But police have also stated that it is possible Troy Ave may be charged with murder as well.

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Meanwhile, McPhatter’s older brother Shanduke McPhatter, tore into the NYPD for their lack of outreach to the family in regards to updates about his sibling’s murder.

The elder McPhatter, who is a known anti-gang activist, echoed the accusations of other victims, who chided the NYPD for treating them like criminals and not victims.

“We have never been treated like the family of a victim,” Ronald’s older brother Shanduke McPhatter told ABC 7. “We are still being treated like criminals.

“We could just start with what happened,” Shanduke said. “So we can have our own view to discuss, so my family can see how my brother died.”

According to Robert Boyce, NYPD’s Chief of Detectives, police have almost confirmed that only one gun was used.

“We still believe there is one gun used during the entire operation that shot four people, killing one,” Chief Detective Robert Boyce added.

Troy Ave has pleaded not guilty to attempted murder and is currently being held without bail.