Tupac’s Brother Defends Late Rapper From Trump Campaign Insult

Tupac Shakur

President Donald Trump’s campaign is catching heat for leaving a ticket for Tupac to attend the Vice Presidential debate!

President Donald Trump’s campaign told the press before Wednesday’s buzzworthy vice presidential debate that they left a ticket for deceased rapper Tupac Shakur at the door.

Senior Trump campaign advisor Jason Miller said to a group of reporters on a conference call, “I can confirm that we have left a ticket for Tupac Shakur, who as we know is Sen. Harris’ favorite rapper alive.”

“I don’t know if he shows up,” Miller continued. “I’m personally more of a Biggie fan if he’s still alive, but we will have a ticket waiting for Mr. Shakur.”

Not funny at all.

However, fans were not the only ones who did not find humor in such a snide remark. Trump’s campaign was clowning the Democratic vice-presidential candidate after she misspoke and said that Tupac was her favorite rapper alive.

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The “Dear Mama” rapper’s stepbrother, Mopreme Shakur said that the “joke” was “clearly disrespectful.”

“We should know Trump’s lack of respect for the Black and brown community,” Mopreme snapped.

The comment and the current administration show that there is a lack of sensitivity to the Black, Brown, and Hip-Hop loving community. And yet, they still reach into the community, trying to prove themselves friendly with proposals like the Platinum Plan released to the public weeks ago.