U.K. Rapper Digga D Shares Video Of Alleged Attempt On His Life 

Digga D

Digga D shared images of a bullet-ridden SUV alongside a video of himself in the vehicle as the shots rang out.  

Digga D claims he survived an attempt on his life after the vehicle he was in was shot at multiple times. 

The U.K. chart-topping rap star who recently declared Drill is “done,” shared a video of the shooting on Instagram Friday morning (September 15), posting a car riddled with bullet holes. 

In the first of a trio of images, Digga D posted a photo of a Mercedes Benz SUV with multiple bullet holes in the windshield.  

The second slide is a short video clip, seemingly of Digga D in the SUV. The rapper is recording a selfie as three apparent shots ring out before the clip cuts abruptly.  

A third photo also shows even more bullet holes in the vehicle with an additional two in the rear passenger window. 

Digga D captioned the post: “Cherish God More,” alongside a prayer hands emoji. 


In his Instagram Story, the West Londoner claimed many other British rappers have experienced life-threatening attacks but refuse to admit it. 

“What soldier you know goes to war & don’t get shot or shot at,” Digga D began his post. “Most these punk uk rappers have experienced it & are embarrassed to talk about it cause they don’t stand on business! They rather just show u the good side.” 

He continued, “I’d rather show you the Real side,” adding, “Remember death is a place of no return.” 

Digga D concluded by warning his peers: “Don’t go out wrong trying to impress a bunch of people that will forget about you. Whatever religion you are, keep praying no matter what Cherish God More CGM.” 

Instagram/Digga D