Vic Mensa Addresses Pinkydoll Skin Lightening Accusations

Vic Mensa

The ‘Victor’ album creator delivers a message for people of color.

Canadian TikToker Pinkydoll recently found herself in an online controversy about colorism and now, Vic Mensa has added his own thoughts to the conversation.

Social media users accused Pinkydoll of purposely lightening her skin during livestreams after she appeared darker during an appearance at the 2023 Streamy Awards. The internet personality addressed the accusations earlier this week.

“When I go to the sun, I can get a little darker,” Pinkydoll told a TMZ paparazzo. “It’s life, what can I do? And I love to be a Black woman, f### you mean? I think they’re just hating. It’s hate.”

Vic Mensa, a biracial rapper, addressed the topic of skin color insecurities in his “Blue Eyes.” song. TMZ also recently spoke to the Roc Nation-backed performer specifically about the backlash directed at Pinkydoll.

“I think it’s a deeper issue than a person,” Mensa said. “The aspiration to a European beauty standard influences people to think that they have to be of a lighter complexion to be viewed as beautiful, to view themselves as beautiful.”

Vic Mensa continued, “At the end of the day- we as Black people and people of color across the planet – we have to learn to love ourselves and our natural beauty and lean away from those things. I won’t chastise anybody doing it because it doesn’t start or end with this person that you mentioned.”

Mensa went on to say that the idea of colorism has been programmed into the Black community by centuries of oppression. The outspoken social activist ended the interview by saying, “I think [Pinkydoll] is beautiful just the way she is. To anybody that might see this or see that, recognize your beauty the way that you are.”

A new album titled Victor by Vic Mensa will hit DSPs on September 15. The forthcoming project joins a discography that already includes 2017’s The Autobiography studio LP as well as EPs like 2016’s There’s Alot Going On.