Vince Staples Says Lil Wayne, Ghostface Killah & N.O.R.E. Are Too Old For Social Media (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Like most years, 2015 saw its share of rap beefs. Two of the most publicized feuds were Lil Wayne vs Birdman and Ghostface Killah vs Action Bronson.

The last 12 months also saw the arrival of Vince Staples with his debut LP Summertime ’06. In addition, the California representative made several headlines because of his tendency to speak his mind on pretty much anything. That continued in a new interview with MTV where Vince touched on some the year’s conflicts.

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The public fallout between Wayne and Birdman began when Weezy tweeted late last year that he wanted off Cash Money Records because the label refused to release his Tha Carter V album. Vince appears to put most of the blame on Weezy.

“Lil Wayne is too old to use Twitter, and when you’re too old to use Twitter you use it poorly. That’s what happened there,” said Vince. “And they kissed on Rap City.  All love stories come to a sad end.”

He later added, “[Wayne] should have stayed off Twitter and [his album] probably would have came out. But I love Lil Wayne.”

The controversial rapper was then asked about the Ghostface/Bronson disagreement, and he once again brought age into the conversation. Vince suggested the Wu-Tang Clan member’s viral “diss video” was a sign he has aged out of the digital space.

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“That kind of falls back into too old for Twitter, but this goes into too old for the internet,” stated Vince. “You know [Ghostface] didn’t put up that video by himself. For one, he doesn’t know how, because I don’t even know how.”

Vince mentioned he is featured on Ghostface’s Twelve Reasons To Die II album. The “Norf Norf” spitter is also friends with Bronson, so he felt the ordeal put him in an awkward situation. Vince even offered to be the announcer for a game of one-on-one basketball between the two rap stars as a way to settle the feud.

Of course, his own brief back-and-forth with Noreaga was brought up as well. Again, Vince promoted the idea his over-30 “friend” should not use social media.

“N.O.R.E’s too old for Twitter. N.O.R.E thought that he was speaking to me directly,” recalled Vince. “He was like, ‘I didn’t even know what a D.M. was.'”

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Watch Vince Staples’ interview below.