Willie D Reveals True Feelings On Repairing Relationship With Scarface After Grammys Snub

The Geto Boys - Scarface Willie D

Scarface performed “Mind Playing Tricks On Me” without Willie D at the 2023 Grammys, which created tension between the Geto Boys members.

Willie D discussed the state of his relationship with fellow Geto Boys member Scarface on the AllHipHop podcast. The veteran rapper admitted he’s still upset with Scarface for doing a solo performance of the Geto Boys song “Mind Playing Tricks on Me” at the 2023 Grammys Awards.

“When Geto Boys have an opportunity to perform at the Grammys and only one-half performs and makes the decision to do it all by himself, then I gotta take exception to that,” Willie D told AllHipHop’s Chuck Creekmur and DJ Thoro. “Especially when I’m the other half.”

He added, “It was a major slap in the face. For all these people that’s running they mouth and saying, ‘Ah, get over it,’ and da-da-da and, ‘Oh but it was still a good look,’ f### you! Real talk, f### you in your ass.”

Scarface performed the Geto Boys classic as part of a Hip-Hop 50 medley at the Grammys. Willie D’s absence led to a heated argument between the two on a February episode of their Geto Boys Reloaded podcast.

Months later, Willie D remained frustrated. He explained why a simple apology cannot fix the situation.

“[Scarface] said [I should’ve been there], but he said it in a condescending manner,” he said. “And it wasn’t sincere. But I’ma tell you the truth bro. Even if he had [apologized], I still wouldn’t have accepted it ‘cause I knew that it was intentional. So, I don’t accept it when it’s intentional.”

Willie D was asked if there was anything Scarface could do to mend their relationship. The answer might worry Geto Boys fans.

“I don’t know right now,” Willie D said. “Time is a good start.”

Check out Willie D on the AllHipHop podcast below.