YNW Melly Accuses Officers Of Threatening Him In Jail

YNW Melly

YNW Melly begged to be transferred to a different jail while he awaits trial on first-degree murder charges.

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YNW Melly desperately pleaded for help via Instagram on Monday (December 12).

The incarcerated rapper said he feared for his life in the Broward County Jail. He reiterated previous allegations about mistreatment and claimed he’s been threatened by “high-ranking” officers in the Broward Sheriff’s Office.

“As of this moment today I am officially in fear of my life,” he wrote on Instagram. “A new Captain named Hubert and XO Jenkins have taken over the jail for two weeks now and have handed out even harsher punishments for me then the previous ones in place. Since December 1 I have been moved and housed on a unit that holds 24 inmates at once. I am the only inmate being housed on the vacant unit, with no phone privilege, no television and no access to a newspaper. They are watching my every move on camera making sure I don’t use the phone to tell the world how I am being mistreated, discriminated, threatened physically, harassed.”

YNW Melly described his situation as “cruel and unusual.” He named the officers who allegedly threatened him, explaining why he believed they will eventually attack him.

“I have been threatened by Deputies, Lieutenants and Sergeants that say ‘they will hide me from the world’ and threaten to ‘beat my ass everyday and if I tell my lawyers they will lie and say I hit them first,’” he wrote. “Words from Sergeant Anthony Kidd and Lieutenant Jean Baptiste. I have literally been hidden from the World so I have no other choice but to believe the next step is them beating ½ to death like they do to other inmates almost daily here at the main jail in Broward County.”

YNW Melly shared more of his jail problems in a second Instagram post. He suggested officials wrongfully denied his phone privileges and begged to be transferred to a different facility.

“I am not safe in the hands of these people especially if the highest in command in the jail ‘doesn’t like me,’” he wrote. “I am in fear of my life. My family is in fear of my life. I can not do another day here. Someone please help me get moved to another county jail until my trial. PLEASE!”

YNW Melly awaits trial on first-degree murder charges. Prosecutors accuse him of killing two of his friends in 2018.

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