EXCLUSIVE: Young Thug Seeking To Redact Video Threatening Lil Wayne And Expose Informant “K.C.”

Lil Wayne and Young Thug

Young Thug wants a judge to censor a video of him threatening Lil Wayne while trying to get more information about a cooperating witness named “K.C.”

In an ongoing RICO trial, rapper Young Thug, whose real name is Jeffery Williams, is fighting to redact a controversial video while seeking information on an informant known as K.C.

The video in question dates back to April 14, 2015, and allegedly shows Young Thug threatening fellow rapper Lil Wayne.

The prosecution seeks to introduce the video as evidence, arguing that it demonstrates Young Thug’s involvement in running the street gang Young Slime Life.

The prosecution believes the video is essential due to the 2015 conviction of Jimmy Carlton Winfrey, also known as Peewee Roscoe, who was sentenced to ten years for shooting at Lil Wayne’s tour bus.

Winfrey, an associate of both Young Thug and Bryan “Birdman” Williams, was indicted on RICO charges alongside 27 other members of Young Slime Life, including Young Thug, on various charges.

Additionally, Young Thug is searching for information on an individual known as “K.C.,” who has reportedly been cooperating with the police since 2015.

The defense believes that “K.C.’s” background and history as an informant may be crucial to their case.

On January 8, 2015, T.I.G. Studios became the target of a drive-by shooting. The State’s discovery process enabled law enforcement officers to obtain statements identifying the perpetrator of this incident.

The shooter was identified as “K.C.,” a State witness in the ongoing case.

The prosecution has not provided any reports, statements, 911 calls, videos, notes, body camera footage, or other evidence related to the drive-by shooting.

T.I.G., short for “Think Its A Game,” was home to artists like Trinidad Jame$, Rich Homie Quan, and most importantly, YFN. Lucci.

The YSL/YFN feud escalated dramatically seven years ago after the murder of Donavan “Big Nut” Thomas, who played a pivotal role in discovering several Atlanta-based rappers, including YFN Lucci.

District Attorney Fani Willis has attributed at least 50 shootings and murders to the ongoing YSL/YFN feud.

YFN Lucci has been locked up since April of 2021 on murder, felony assault, racketeering, and other charges in a 105-count indictment

Young Thug has been in custody since May 2022, when he was arrested on a series of RICO charges.