Young Thug Trial: Judge Forces Potential Juror To Write 30-Page Essay

Young Thug

A woman faced consequences for traveling to the Dominican Republic in the middle of jury selection for Young Thug’s trial.

Judge Ural Glanville handed out a unique punishment to a woman who didn’t return for jury selection in the Young Thug trial.

According to multiple reports, Judge Glanville ordered the potential juror to write a 30-page essay about the importance of jury duty on Thursday (January 12). The judge didn’t hold the woman in contempt of court. She faced up to 20 days in jail and a $1,000 fine if she was charged with contempt.

The woman was excused from jury duty in the Young Thug trial, but her essay assignment came with strict guidelines. Judge Glanville demanded the essay be written in APA style with 10 primary sources and 10 secondary sources.

Judge Glanville said the court will check the essay for plagiarism. The woman was given three weeks to complete the essay. She must return to court on February 13.

The woman was one of the dozens of potential jurors excused from duty in the Young Thug trial. Jury selection is still underway for a trial that’s expected to last six to nine months.

Young Thug and 13 co-defendants will be tried in the YSL RICO case. Prosecutors claim YSL is a criminal street gang responsible for multiple offenses, including murder.