Can The Alchemist Do For MIKE & Wiki What He’s Done For Earl Sweatshirt?


MIKE, Wiki and The Alchemist are about to bring NYC to L.A. in a big way.

In case you hadn’t noticed, The Alchemist’s latest passion project is the recent album he helmed for two lyricists who hail from his own backyard.

Said Hip-Hopers we’re speaking of are none other than underground New York City MCs MIKE and Wiki. In September, the trio of East Coast natives delivered their collaborative project, Faith Is A Rock. Coincidentally, The Alchemist also just connected with Odd Future alumni Earl Sweatshirt to deliver their surprise collaborative album, VOIRE DIRE.

There is, of course, a bit of synergy between the two records, considering MIKE was featured on a track entitled “Sentry” that appeared on Earl and The Alchemist’s joint effort. However, given the success of leading records such as “Making The Band (Danity Kane),” Earl is in the midst of a landscape-changing tear, which has surely reinvigorated his career to new heights. Don’t get it twisted, though—MIKE and Wiki certainly have created some traction of their own off the strength of the popularity of “Mayors A Cop,” among other favorites from their recent release.

Now, the question appears to be if The Alchemist can deliver the same sort of results in his work with MIKE and Wiki as they continue to roll out their collaborative debut effort. What better way to find out than by bringing their talents to the West Coast for the first-ever live performance together? That’s precisely why the trio is taking over The Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles on November 30.

In the grand scheme of things, the performance is somewhat of an ingenious idea, considering the love The Alchemist consistently has received on the West Coast. And considering the trio is armed with 10 potential crowd-pleasing records to coerce attendees of the show, there’s a good chance they can walk away with a legion of new fans.

No matter the case, check out the link for details on tickets available for the trio’s upcoming live show here and revisit the stream for their Faith Is A Rock album below.