Babyface Vs. Anita Baker: Social Media War Heats Up

Babyface Anita Baker

Oh no, auntie and uncle are still fighting!

Recently, across varying social media platforms, two established artists are again demanding the limelight. While, their respective caches of creativity are astounding, that is not why the attention is back on these greats. Truly, it is because the Babyface versus Anita Baker social media war is heating up!

So, Ms. Anita Baker plays no games. And, why should she? A short while ago, the chanteuse made a decision. Be that as it may, this choice would have a seemingly ever-reaching social-media impact.

Without a doubt, Baker does not take too well to disrespect. Following, timing constraints and a few crude interactions with — “Kenny’s crazies“– zealous fans of the Indiana-native, AB has chosen to modify her tour. That’s right, she did not waste any time.

Although, Mr. Whip Appeal is only responsible for his actions, he was still dismissed from The Songstress Tour. By all means, he maintains his integrity while accepting his fate. So, to his fans he penned a quick explanation.

Nonetheless, as this unforeseen saga continues, social media is definitely voicing its shifting opinion. While some people identify with Anita’s issues, others are wholeheartedly siding with the other acclaimed entertainer.

Be sure to catch up on all the shenanigans!

Hopefully, in the near future, these two elite musicians will be able to rectify this fleeting issue. Until then, the popcorn is being popped and the Twitter-fingers will be TYPING away.