Benny The Butcher Seems To Post Freddie Gibbs’ Jewels On IG

benny the butcher

Benny The Butcher and Freddie Gibbs are beefing again. This time, it looks like Benny has displayed a chain that was once owned by Freddie. 👀

Benny. Freddie.

Benny The Butcher and Freddie Gibbs are at it again. These guys used to be friends, and even have songs together. Now they are mortal enemies.

You guys might remember a little kerfuffle broke out over something menial like Gibbs mocking Benny after hit was shot in Houston. But after that happened, Freddie Gibbs decided it was a good idea to continue his tour through Buffalo, which happens to be the home of Griselda. The Butcher has openly said if you have a problem with me, you have a problem with all of Buffalo. When Freddie went to the show, it looked as if he was lumped up, relieved of his jewels but made it through. He wore a mask to hid it, but he was beaten up pretty badly.

Back in the day, this is something that would have been minimized and pushed about. But, in the age of social media, this is public fodder. Today, this is all public. The cops certainly know Freddie Gibbs got beat up. The Internet knows. And definitely Benny the Butcher knows. In a recent Instagram post, it appeared that call the Benny the Butcher showed off some jewelry that wasn’t all the way his. In fact, he admitted in another Instagram post that it was Freddie Gibbs his girlfriend that once owned that E$GN pendant.  Wow!

Look closely!

That is a part of this whole story that I didn’t realize. That Freddie Gibbs was assaulted right in front of his lady, and she was a part of it too! This all feels a bit tragic at this point! Anyway, check out some of these videos and tell me what you think. Make sure you swipe…cause Freddie goes OFF.

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I will offer an opinion. If we want to see better from our culture, particularly the young people, we have to do better ourselves. We can scream about young people looking crazy and not do better ourselves. I understand none of that matters when two men have beef, but if you ask me it isn’t indictment on the way things are right now. And to me, things are bad.

I don’t want to judge, because both of these guys are really talented. And I’m not just saying that! In the pantheon of present day lyricist, both of these guys are top-tier. No question! I still listen to the collaborations to this day. And I think that they should figure a way to squash this mess. This is how New York lost control of hip-hop, beefing with each other when they should be collaborating anyway don’t let me get started! I’m just talking!