Beyonce Fans Think Kevin Gates Is Avoiding Her Homestate On Tour

Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates may want to stay clear of the place where Beyonce was born and bred. And he did, but why?

The reality is Beyoncé is a force. Recently, Kevin Gates had a lot of things to say about her and people are not happy people. A lot of people were entertaining though, and that got him a lot of social media buzz. But in 2022, fans are crazy and so is the world. So, anything can happen at any time. And if you have a beef with an artist, they don’t even have to say anything for a fan to pick up on the drama. And a lot of people want smoke.

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Kevin gates recently told fans that he is having family issues and therefore will not make two stops, one in Dallas Texas and the other in Houston Texas. The latter is Beyoncé’s home.

We covered this in the news but I have to say that it definitely seems like he’s avoiding those places. I can’t manage his business at all, but what a family business because it be for those specific dates while he’s actually still moving to the next tour date.

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Now definitely, he’s barked extremely loud when people threaten violence against him. He’s made it clear that he’s willing to do whatever and whoever comes at him will paying Dear, price. And I actually believe him. But I also believe he’s smart and isn’t going to do something that puts him in dange.

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