Birdman Sends Lil Wayne A Stern Lil Message

Is Birdman Sending Wayne A Message?

A few years ago, maybe 10 years, there were rumors that Lil Wayne tried to leave Cash Money. When that happened, there were rumors that all sorts of crazy stuff happened. Cars were blown up and the like – rumors said. Well, needless to say, Wayne never left the iconic label. Certainly, those were just rumors. Right? Well, there seems to be an ominous vibe these days as Wayne is getting more and more brazen with his disses to his “daddy” and Cash Money. I ain’t gonna lie. I can’t hear all that Birdman is saying, but I hear “Pull up” and “F##k you hating on me pu$$y.” Remember just last year, somebody was accused of representing Rich Gang and shot up lil homie’s tour bus.

See for yourself and help decipher if you can.

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Back in the day, before social media, this was not a thing. Now, everybody has to do and say something public. Then when and if it pops off, the laws have a nice trail of breadcrumbs to go on.

It should be noted that Wayne’s name was never mentioned.

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