Boosie Begs the Question: Is Saweetie Ass Real?

Boosie at Waterpark

Boosie begs the question: Is Saweetie ass real? Where’s his filter? Yet, lately people have been preoccupied with Icy Bae’s sumptuous assets.

Boosie uses his platform to ask the hard questions. So, yesterday morning (Dec. 15), the Louisiana lyricist broached one of these such riddles. He asks, “Is Saweetie ass real?”

Somehow, the Back 2 BR wordsmith combines levity with adoration. Twitter captures the interaction. Then he goes on to share his inquiry with the world. Then he delves even deep into pondering about the validity of the Icy Bae’s assets.

To clarify, the Mississippi spitting MC emphatically states the following. “IS @SAWEETIE ASS REAL CAUSE THAT MF BE MOVING LIKE AINT NO BBL BEEN DONE BACK THERE.” A pair of Hallelujah hand drives home his passion.

Next, Bad AZZ admits, “I GOTTA KEEP IT [ONE HUNDRED] THAT S### BE GOING CRAZY BACK THERE.” He goes on to also praise Young Miami. Check it out.

Keep in mind, that a recent tour stop in New York City has increased Saweetie’s acclaim. The infamous clip is becoming a movie. Lil’ Boosie, keep asking the epic questions, the public is here for it.