Details In The Lil Reese Shooting Are Emerging And Its UGLY!

Lil Reese

Lil Reese is the bad man that won’t die even though people keep trying.

More details are coming out in the shooting of Lil Reese, the beloved Chicago rapper that has already been beaten and shot in his throat. As you all know, and many witnessed on social media, Lil Reese was shot and was seen leaking profusely before being taken to a hospital facility where he was stabilized. The visuals of his shooting made people think that he was actually going to die, but that was not the case. However early reports suggest that he’ll probably lose sight in his left eye because bullet fragments went into that eye.

Anyway, Little Reese allegedly was sitting in a stolen car and a 55-year-old man and his son, the owner[s] of the car, found him by using a GPS tracker. Everything has a damn tracking device in it, people! The old days are over. When they pulled up on the car they didn’t waste any time, and they started dumping bullets into it.

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Seems like Reese and whoever he was with, started to shoot back. By the way, they found them in a garage on the third level! Now the other person that started shooting might not have been in the actual car. Nevertheless, Lil Reese – still in the car – sped off and eventually crashed. The details are not completely clear on what actually occurred between the shooters.

It seems like there was someone else involved that was trying to get Reese as well. It’s very ambiguous at best. At any rate, Tavares Taylor, professionally known as Lil Reese needs to tighten up completely or else he is going to be murdered. Some speculated that this was some kind of a weird transaction, but it does not seem to line up well with the attempt on his life. Weed is also very legal, or at least decriminalized in Illinois so that doesn’t really lineup either. Yes, The whole thing is just strange. I think it’s time for a Lil Reese to become Big Reese and leave Chicago.

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