Did Donald Trump Bail Lil Wayne Out When He Was Caught With A Gun And Drugs?

Lil Wayne Donald trump

Did Weezy F Baby get help from the Triple OG Big Homie Trump when he was caught with a gun and mad drugs?

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Did Donald Trump get Lil Wayne out of trouble? Last year, in the dead of winter 2019, Lil Wayne got busted with a gun and drugs on a private plane by the feds. At that time, it did not look good for the Young (but aging rapidly) Money rapper!

 In context, the gun found on the plane was presumably, admittedly a Father’s Day gift according to a search warrant obtained by the Miami Herald. Wayne told them that. But, how does that explain the bullets, cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana, heroin, painkillers, and lean also found on the plane, per the cops? As a felon, Lil Wayne is not allowed to have or own a handgun. Or mad drugs!

And an updated report, the Miami Herald received a cease and desist letter from Wayne‘s lawyers saying that their initial story and the descriptions in it were false in defamatory. But the story continued to run and stated pretty clear, by way of the federal government’s report, that Wayne was under the influence of “illicit narcotics” with “delayed speech.” All of this was in and official reports as relayed by the feds.

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Anyway, this case completely disappeared from headlines and there was no follow-up in any form or fashion, publicly, legally or in any other way that we can see. In a new article on AllHipHop.com I call “Why Are Mad Dumb Rappers Down With Trump?”, we detail why rappers are getting cozy with President Donald J Trump. At the end of the article, there is a line about Wayne and his legal situation from last year and why it simply vanished. There are no direct conclusions drawn but it seems to suggest that something dramatic had to happen for him to get out of the case, and then for it to essentially be scrubbed….HUH.


This is not confirmed but it appears that Donald J Trump may have helped Wayne get out of his quandary. Remember ASAP Rocky and he got in some problems overseas? And Trump wanted I thank you but ASAP did not give it to him because he’s not going to allow himself to be used! He did take the help though! It just seems like the big big big big Homie in the White House pull the strings necessary to get Wayne out of his situation! And, in an election year, he drags Wayne out right before an election.

Lil Wayne has proclaimed that he is not political but he seems to be on the hook here. What do you think? Take a minute or two to read the full story and give your thoughts.

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