Did Lil Wayne Pay For His Pardon From Donald Trump?

Lil Wayne

Did Lil Wayne use his newfound money to finesse his presidential pardon?

Did Lil Wayne pay for his pardon? Donald Trump made over 100 (close to 200) pardons and commutations real as he was walking out the door as president. There were a number of interesting pardons that didn’t quite make sense, but are starting to get some traction in the rumor mill. One of those in particular, is Lil Wayne, the legendary rapper from New Orleans.

This is not quite new but it has been bubbling in the underground for quite some time. People have been saying that Donald Trump has been charging for pardons. What I am saying is he has been getting paid to pardon people! This is all speculative, but it sounds about right in terms of the way these people move. But there is no proof as of yet. One of the prevailing rumors that has persisted is that Lil Wayne had to come out of his pockets for that pardon. What do you think?

Lil Wayne Catches Heat For His Martin Luther King Day Post

We will probably never find out the real answer, but some people are saying that it’s true based on a breadcrumb trail a mile long. One of the main reasons people are saying that is because Wayne sold his entire catalog recently, which included Drake’s and Nicki Minaj’s music as well. For some reason, that seems foul to me because those guys didn’t even have the opportunity to buy back their own catalogs..but that’s just me. At any rate I figured money was for his legal defense but others have said it was to get that pardon solidified. Wayne was looking at some serious time because he was caught with a gun in a plane and had no real defense. The case completely disappeared until the end of last year, which is odd. Usually, us new types are aware of legal woes on the move. But Wayne popped up as Trump was about to get re-elected, endorse the racist supremacist for president, which we hated and then plead GUILTY to the charges. It just seemed like he had a silver bullet of his own with Donald Trump. Unlike Ice Cube, he did not pretend to be in muddy waters. His waters were as clear as seas in the Caribbean.

President Trump Pardoned Lil Wayne After Co-Sign From Deion Sanders

People are looking at Wayne like a big old sell out. I didn’t even think sellouts still existed in this day and age, but they do apparently! And, evoking Martin Luther King, Jr. didn’t help at all! I just hope rappers like Wayne and Kodak Black do better by their constituents, because folk really seem to like them a lot as people!

Lil Wayne And Kodak Black Still Looking For Donald Trump To Pardon Them!