Does Big Face Insinuate That The Game & Diddy Were More?


Is even backdoor publicity a good thing?

Why did Big Fase purportedly insinuate that The Game and Diddy were more? So, in a recent social media post, is the big brother alluding to the truth? Or, is he simply projecting entrenched feelings of inadequacy?

In general, within families relationships become strained. As with, Big Fase and The Documentary MC, the brother’s bond is being challenged. Reportedly, this animosity arose because of money.

As a matter of fact, the siblings came together to create the now defunct Black Wall Street Records. However, with time’s passing the family members have grown more distant. For one thing, Jayceon reportedly believes that his big brother was financially using him.

The Perceived Insult

Be that as it may, even with time’s redemptive qualities, the brothers Taylor have not reconciled. Furthermore, the Eazy wordsmith says as much. Recently, while chopping it up on Drink Champs, he broaches the topic. Then, Game gets right to it saying he, “still doesn’t” have a good relationship with his big bro.

Perhaps, that’s why Big Fase decided to post a salacious allegation on social media. Of course, the insinuation has been removed from his IG. In any case, the shot has already been fired.

The Implied Retaliation

To clarify, Big Fase 100 uploads a photograph of Diddy and The Game. Moreover Stretch is situated in front of Puff Daddy. The embrace includes the Bad Boy’s arm wrapped around the neck of the left coast lyricist.

Although, the accompanying caption is brief, the allusion says a lot. At the bottom of the photo, a questioning Big Fase seemingly contends, “Maybe it wasnt my Street credibility. Another key point is the accompanying caption. Indeed, it goes on to beg the question, “hmmm.”

Thus far, The Game has yet to directly respond to this obvious allegation. After all, in the past, The Game has already spoke on his relationship with Sean John. “I ran with Diddy before I ran with Dre,” he shared with TMZ.

All things considered, it appears as though Big Fase misses his younger brother.