Doja Cat’s Big Bladder Nearly Makes Artist Miss Grammy Win!

For Doja Cat, things almost got slippery.

Within the music business, for its players, there are many rites-of-passage. So, one of these lauded accomplishments is the desire to be recognized by the world. In fact, earning a Grammy Award is epic. Doja Cat has done just that.

However, her big bladder nearly makes the artist miss personally accepting her Grammy win! As a matter of fact, she along with SZA rack up great distinction. Their effort, “Kiss Me More” secures the Grammy Award for Best Pop / Group Performance.

Thus far, amongst her peers, the alluring entertainer continues to stand out. Additionally, DC, no stranger to a strategic controversy. In recent past, a breakdown in communication threatened her career’s longevity.

That’s right, at one point she was pushing early retirement plans. Right now, that angst seems to have been alleviated. Be that as it may, other trouble jeopardized her big win.

Perhaps, the combination of excitement and nerves were overwhelming. Whatever, the case may be, the Pop Culture phenom made a stop to a powder room. Accordingly, this situation nearly rewrote history.

Nevertheless, the singer is more than determined. Legs pumping, chest heaving — somehow — Doja Cat made it back to stage in time. Of course, she makes mention of the near incontinence incident.

“I’ve never taken such a fast p*ss in my whole life,” admits Ms. Yeeee. Check out the video. Congratulations, go out to Doja Cat and SZA!