Hip-Hop Rumors: Beyonce To Deliver Baby Wednesday!?! DMX To Cash Money???


Wednesday Is the Day…Supposedly…

According to a person CLOSE to a member of the family, Beyonce WILL give birth on WEDNESDAY. The insider claims that FAMILY have been told that on Wednesday morning they will be taken to the hospital to “be a part” of the child birth. We’re also told that Beyonce and Jay Z “FREAKED OUT” over our report last week, disclosing that she MAY be giving birth in a NYC hospital. They are CONCERNED that there could be a SECURITY THREAT. And so THIS TIME, they are keeping ALL DETAILS confidential. According to our insider, not even her MOTHER Tina Knowles knows exactly where the birth will take place.” –MTO

Just have the damn baby already!

DMX and Weezy Ring In the New Year Together In Miami…

Now this is 150% rumor-based, BUT would it really be that hard to believe? Cash Money did just acquire a Hip-Hop veteran in Busta Rhymes, so don’t throw this one away too quickly. Be sure to keep an eye or two on the situation in the coming weeks.

Master P Gets His Remix On!

Diddy may have invented the remix, but Percy Miller plans on re-inventing it with the release of No Limit Forever Classics. Coming soon!


-B.O.B.’s sophomore album, Strange Clouds, has received an official release date of March 13th.

-Prodigy recently released a new track, “Serve ‘Em”, for the people. In other words, H.N.I.C. 3 is coming soon!!

-Rick Ross’ new mixtape, Rich Forever, is officially set to drop on Friday, January 6th, at 3:05 pm (how clever).