Hip-Hop Rumors: Lil Wayne's Manager Says Jas Prince Owes Him Cash!


In a turn of events, Lil Wayne’s manager Cortez Bryant is now claiming that Jas Prince owes him some paper.

The battle began when Jas filed a lawsuit in 2013 claiming that Cash Money Records owed him $5 million in backpay from Drake’s royalties.

But according to Bryant, Prince is owed nothing and needs to fall back because he owes him $2 million.

The Jasmine Brand reports:

“According to the docs filed, Bryant claims that Jas has been paid his percentage from all money they received from Cash Money. However, he says that it hasn’t been much because Cash Money hasn’t paid them what’s due. Bryant states that Aspire is owed millions of dollars from Drake’s music royalties.

To make matters worse, Bryant reportedly says that after Jas went and filed a federal lawsuit against Cash Money, the record label sent him 2 million dollars. He explains that money should have been sent to Aspire and NOT Jas and now he is screwed out of millions that should have been paid to HIS company.”

Is Jas just mad that Wayne stole his girl? Or does somebody in the Cash Money camp owe him some serious money?