Hip-Hop Rumors: Maybach Getting the Axe in 2013!?! Bow Wow Gets Pushed Back! Shyne Remixes Hanukkah?!


Mercedes Pulling the Plug On Maybach In 2013!

Don’t worry, Rick Ross’ label is still very much in tact; however, the same came not be said for Mercedes Benz’s Maybach brand which was just as much a staple in Hip-Hop as was Cristal, Rolls Royce Phantom’s, Jacob’s “iced-out” jewelry, and more. A Mercedes Benz insider said the following: “We’ve come to the conclusion that it is better to cut our losses with Maybach than to continue into an uncertain future with a brand that has failed to live up to original sales expectations.” And now, a moment of silence awesomeness for Maybach…

SURPRISE!!! Bow Wow’s “Underrated” Pushed Back to Next Year.

Not only does Cash Money rapper Bow Wow owe the IRS a reported $91,105.61, which he denies, he also just had his CM debut Underrated pushed back until early 2012, and we have to ask, is anyone really surprised? According to Bow Wow, he knows most of us aren’t, and had the following to say on his website about the album:

everyone wants to know why its delayed or why is it getting pushed back. I hear yall jokes “His sh*t aint never droppin” it is dropping. “When I Feel like its right tho” my album sounds nothing like what you’ve heard come out of the camp PERIOD so far. I know yall want this album just as much as i want to deliver it. The thing is tour just ended like 3 n half weeks ago. I left studio to tour which of course set me back. I have to mix all the records which i have just now kinda started. “Sweat” video will be out in a week or 2. Took a minute to finalize all the graphics and detail because of the CGI effects. Also dont forget im stil working on my tv sitcom with Ice Cube as well. I think people forget i got 2 jobs (Rapper/Ator) hahaha.. Record just went to radio as well. Not only that but im trying to get India Irie to sing on “Boy Or Girl” being that that sample you are hearing on that record is her. I figured it would be so meaningful and better with her apart of it live. Its taking so long because im putting my all into it. This is not just an album its my pain my life my story me in the now how im feeling. Things are different this time around ima father now to a beautiful baby girl i have so much poetry and new things to share with the world. Everything that pops up in the news that yall want to hear me touch on i talk about it. I bare it all on this album. This is my “Classic” Underrated is a classic. This is my best work. So i be damn i put it out and it aint right. Dont blame my label they have nothing to do with my decision. Birdman lets me be a boss and do what i want. He my manager so of course he wants the best for me. 2012 ull get it.

In other YMCMB news, Billboard’s Rising Star of 2011, Nicki Minaj, announced that her second album, Pink Friday 2: Roman Reloaded, will drop on Valentine’s Day of next year. She is currently in the studio working with both M.I.A. and Madonna… should definitely be interesting, to say the least.

Two Jews (Shyne and Matisyahu) Walk Into A Recording Studio…

Shyne, now an Orthodox Jew, recently collaborated on the remix which you can hear below to Matisyahu’s “Miracle.” The two have become close friends in the past year, and this song is the bi-product of that relationship…



-After debuting at #2 on the Billboard charts with his album Ambition, Wale has announced that he has already begun working on his third album, which will be his second under Rick Ross and MMG. He tweeted: “2 songs deep in my next album…#iLuvThis”

-Grandmaster Flash is set to perform a very special version of “The Message” during the Grammy Nominations special this Wednesday. He will be joined by Lupe Fiasco, Rick Ross, Common, and LL Cool J.

-Weezy’s Tha Carter IV has been certified double platinum, which may not be surprising but is a huge feat since the album was only released three months ago.

-That A$AP Rocky directed video for Danny Brown’s “Blunt After Blunt” (see below) hit the Internet today, and despite hinting that Dave Chappelle would be in the video, he was a no-show:

-50 Cent will be releasing a 10-track EP next week titled The Big 10 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of his album, 50 Cent is the Future. There will be a video for each song on the project so keep your ears and eyes peeled.

-Drake is currently shooting a video for the Lil Wayne assisted track “The Motto” off the deluxe edition of his sophomore album, Take Care.

-RZA’s The Man With the Iron Fists, which stars Russell Crowe and was produced by Quentin Tarantino, has a tentative release date of August 2012.