Is a Saweetie IG Post Instantly Arousing Dating Rumors?

Can she live?

Seemingly, Saweetie is constantly experiencing a scathing amount of scrutiny. At times, it seems as though the public focuses more on her private life than on her emerging creativity. Be that as it may, the Bay Area Beauty’s recent social media post is instantly inciting dating rumors.

In recent past, on February 8, Icy Bae uploads an ambiguous photo. In fact, the smoldering content of that sultry picture begs the question. So, Is this an actual depiction of Ms. Control’s life? Or, is this an expressive representation of her art?

At any rate, social media sleuths are engaging their magnifying glasses. Soon, they will also be and following trails of Scooby snacks. Of course, these I-Spy detectives are whole-heartedly alleging that the “My Type” musician must be broadcasting her new bae.

Furthermore, it is the single caption of “🤫,” which apparently works to reference the Sac spitter’s mood. A velveted gloved hand, gingerly rests atop a smooth chocolate cheek. In addition, only breath separates the two. Above all, their closeness is magnetic.

However, the image may be a cunning demonstration of promotional material. Indeed, the “Tap In” entertainer does post about a recent collaboration. Within an Instagram story, she shares a link to a lyric video of Tai’Aysha’s “One Night Ting.”

Check out the Saweetie-assisted track!