What Life Is Like In Jail That Holds Casanova—Hell

Casanova Bond

Casanova is in a crazy spot. He was brutally attacked in the jail where he resides. Now we uncover the concerns there.

Oh god! Casanova has gone down in a major way. The Brooklyn brother was once the modern day M.O.P., managed by Roc Nation and street certified. He was the man. And now he is a resident of Essex County Correctional Facility in Newark, NJ. I have done some research and this place is like the Rikers Island of New Jersey.

Essex County Correctional Facility is now under scrutiny following after a violent altercation involving a rapper Casanova and another inmate. Casanova, a self-proclaimed Blood gang member, previously pleaded guilty to federal drug conspiracy charges and also renounced his involvement in the street tribe. He was reportedly involved in a vicious fight at the facility. (Why he is there, I do not know.)

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Reports say, Casanova was slashed during an altercation. Witnesses say his face was saturated in blood, indicating the severity of the incident. By the way, the Essex County Correctional Facility listened it as a minor incident. They have initiated an investigation into the matter. According to other reports, Casanova – a member of the The Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation – ran the man down and got him back immediately. A report said when they finished with that assailant, his whole jail suit was red.

Insiders reveal that the unit where the altercation took place was not searched that night or the morning, raising concerns about the facility’s security measures. However, the facility’s director has previously stated that enhanced searches have been implemented, including searches conducted twice a day.

One lieutenant, interviewed by NBC, emphasized the potential risks of assigning officers without proper academy training to oversee federal prisoners, expressing concern about their ability to handle such situations. Starting in January, state law will require correctional officers to undergo police academy training before assuming inmate oversight responsibilities. Oh man, how does this help Casanova right now?

The Cas incident adds to a disturbing trend of violence within the facility. Since March, there have been 17 reported incidents of inmate-on-inmate or inmate-on-officer assaults. The Brooklyn rapper’s attack coincided with the jury finding three inmates guilty of the 2021 jail beating of Jayshawn Boyd, two of whom were convicted of attempted murder. This has led to a civil lawsuit against the county. The brutal attack was captured on film and was so bad, the jury found it hard to watch.

I do not think Cas is getting the same level of outrage. He recently denounced the gang and some have stated that is the reason he was attacked. At any rate, he is staring a a major bid in the bing. It will likely get worse, because Essex is not prison. That comes next.

None of the weapons used to attack the rapper were discovered following the attack on Casanova, but an inmate was observed attempting to flush something down the toilet. They are now calling for better conditions and security protocols at the Essex County Correctional Facility. I would not hold met breath!

Here is that video of Jayshawn Boyd. YouTube flagged it, but it will give you the short of context to understand what Casanova is in.