Kanye West Has Words For Snoop Dogg, What Does He Say?

Twitter fingers say a lot.

Often, social media offers a certain confidence-boosting cloak of anonymity. However, one of the celebrated superpower’s of Kanye West is his outspoken nature. So, if Ye has words for Snoop Dogg, exactly what does he have to say?

Keep in mind, that recently the legendary Left Coast lyricist, unabashedly offers his opinion. During, a visit to DJ Whoo Kid’s, Whoolywood Shuffle podcast, the Doggfather speaks on some of Mr. West’s recent attire. It just so happens, to center on Mr. West’s signature Balenciaga x Crocs boots.

First off, DJ Whoo Kidd makes a joke about the Louis Vuitton Don’s waders. Moreover, he insists that for his Super Bowl performance, Snoopy should wear a pair of the avant-garde footwear. To which, the B.O.D.R. MC immediately retorts, “Ain’t no way in the world I can Crip walk in the mother f—king big ass space boots.”

Soon, he quickly quips, “Only way I’d wear them mother f—kers is if they got me jumping off the Empire State Building into a mother f—king lake full of gators or some s—t and I gotta walk on the gator like Pitfall to get out of there.” 

Oh,no! Snoop’s far from finished roasting Junya’s boots. Finally, Snoop relents, “I can’t hate on it, but I tell you what: I’d never wear them … I’m glad it never snows in California.”

Recently, the controversy the “Praise God” lauder is experiencing seems to be everywhere. In spite of, any angst the imminent MC encounters, to Hip-Hop he stays connected. In fact, he even seems to be keeping tabs on Uncle Snoop.

So, yesterday (Feb. 10), Kanye West hops on his Instagram account and seemingly address Snoop. Above all, resounding actions speak louder than words. Additionally, the “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” lyricist then addresses his thoughts on Snoop’s moves.

Of course, Kanye has nothing but love for the iconic artist. He reposts one of Currensy’s tweets. There, the solid statement is full of praise. “Snoop acquiring Deathrow is back future month As F###,” reads the affirming message.


Ultimately, with a hashtag Ye also contends Snoop’s accomplishment is Black Future Month. Again, congratulations go out to Snoop Dogg.